Component Authentication

External Visual Inspection

  • SAE-AS 6081
  • Authentication

External Visual Inspection

Visual examination performed on lot in accordance with SAE AS6081 and IDEA-STD-1010-B. External visual inspection includes examination for evidence of prior use, secondary coating, socket pulls, re-tinning, lead reforming etc. External Visual Inspection, if properly performed, can lead to a high capture rate of suspect or fraudulent/counterfeit parts. A good deal of fraudulent/counterfeit are parts that have been recycled; i.e., taken off boards or assemblies and reworked in the form of straightening and re-tinning the leads, remarking by sanding off the original marking, and/or blacktopping to hide the sanding marks and then remarking. Full written observation of non-conformities is included in the test report.

External visual inspection may reveal evidence of remarking where the original marking was removed by chemical or mechanical means, and the marking area was resurfaced or masked with a material that may or may not match the original surface. Any removal of the original surface finish, laser markings, or ink markings is an indication the part may be fraudulent or counterfeit.

AAA recommends a minimum of 125 samples or the entire lot, whichever is less, be subjected to a detailed visual inspection, which includes physical dimensional measurements of all samples.

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