Component Authentication

Resistance to Solvents (RTS)

  • SAE-AS 6081
  • Authentication, Destructive

Resistance to Solvents Testing (RTS)

Sample(s) from each lot date code are tested for evidence of remarking or resurfacing. Industry standard resistance to solvents test methods (see SAE AS6081, MIL-STD-202, Method 215, and JESD22-B107D) are performed to reveal any forged markings, coatings applied to disguise sanding marks, and other indications that the original device marking has been removed or covered. Testing includes 3:1 Marking Permanency Test, Acetone, 1-Methly 2-Pyrrolidinone and Dynasolve 750 tests.

(Note: Destructive Tests, except 3:1 Test) AAA recommends 3 samples from each lot be subjected to the entire battery of solvent tests.

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