Component Authentication

Services Overview

Our test and analysis capabilities were developed by an engineering staff with decades of semiconductor industry experience to provide cost effective, best-in-class electrical test services as well as counterfeit detection procedures that meet or exceed AS6081 standards.

Component Authentication Services

External Visual

Microscopic inspection of component


Resistance to Solvents (RTS) testing


Testing Leaded and BGAs

Internal Visual

Internal Device Inspection


Analysis for lead frame, die & wire bond

X-Ray Fluorescence

XRF lead finish inspection and ROHS testing

Value Added

Moisture Sensitive devices are typically baked for 24 hours at 125°C ± 5°C, depending on the package type.
Units are placed in anti-static ESD bags, along with desiccant, to keep the moisture inside the bag to a level <20% RH. Industry standard J-STD-033A used for handling moisture-sensitive devices.
Operations support a wide variety of standard surface mount, radial, axial and custom component package types.
Lead straightening, crimping, and cropping services are performed in-house dependent on the requirements.

Our Services

The AAA engineering team holds multiple patents for FPGA test methods, characterization and fault emulation, and has semiconductor industry experience at Xilinx, Avago, Cypress Semiconductor, Exar and IXYS.

The proliferation of counterfeit and substandard electronic components infiltrating the global supply chain requires highly reliable, cost-effective test and analysis solutions for ALL orders – large and small. AAA is a quick-turn, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited lab, designed to rapidly detect and report product non-conformities and provide reliable component authentication services.